A few thoughts on Happenstance so far

May 25, 2012

On Wednesday at the Lighthouse we (the Lighthouse team + the Happenstance residents & organisers) held an Open House event, talking to our guests about some of the work me and James have done on the project so far and what Happenstance is all about.

Happenstance brings together technologists and arts organisations to infuse the latter with the technological understanding and innovative approaches of the former. Putting people together in the same room is a remarkably simple yet underrated idea. Running the experiment three times in three different organisations hopefully will show which parts of it can be replicated and which were just a fluke.

After the Lighthouse team have been using a tool for recording team processes me and James have built – Offbott – for a while, I suggested doing daily stand-up meetings and banning email for internal communications, in the spirit of the Agile manifesto. It’s been interesting for me to find out this way exactly how everyone works and what their work involves, though of course I had hoped this would also prove equally interesting to everyone else.


Not everyone always works on the same projects together, and knowing what everyone else does and how they do it is useful. I would like to think I’ve contributed to the understanding the value of inspecting your processes and seeking ways to improve them through reflection and discussion.

The second (and last!) Open House even will be held on Tuesday 19 June at Lighthouse. Do come along to hear more.