UX Camp Brighton 2011

October 02, 2011

I participated the UX Camp Brighton on Saturday, which took place in Cogapp’s office. How do you guys get any work done with a view like this?

Despite it being the warmest and most beautiful day we had this year, the turnout was impressive and I got to see some great talks and participated in though-provoking discussions.

Glenn Jones raised a very important point about web intents - that the language we use to describe them will have a huge impact on the success of this initiative. The terms used need to be universally understood, and this already presents challenges. I thoroughly recommend Glenn’s blog post about web intents, it’s a brilliant introduction to the idea.

Ellen de Vries made us bond with with bits of rubbish by giving them names and a back story. Paul Davison gave us an introduction to microdata, Andy Hume pointed out that making urls friendly to the extreme isn’t always the best approach, and Cennydd Bowles kicked off a discussion about the role of UX, what it really means and whether it is different from product design.

If you’ve missed out on tickets to UX Camp you might be interested in Design Jam, which is also a free event, but will give you a chance to do something practical.